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(TIME) Good news for Marco Rubio fans! The junior Senator from Florida is ready to be President, according to, um, the junior Senator from Florida himself. Rubio may or may not be ready to hold the most powerful job in the world, but one thing is clear: He’s certainly prepared to run for it, at least in the modern Republican Party. If there was any doubt on that score, it was settled during an interview on ABC News on Sunday, when he checked one of the most important boxes on any GOP hopeful’s job application: declaring that he did not, could not, would not, believe that climate change is real.

Those two sentences alone are a clinic in the art of the counter-factual, non-scientific dodge that can never be proven wrong because it says nothing at all.

That last sentence is amazing.

Lacking the ability to run in issues like jobs, the economy, the disintegrating image of The United States in the world stage, the success of socialized medicine (Obamacare), and the decline of our economic global influence because they all paint a stark picture of the failures of leftists policies in effect, the Democratic Party wants to judge the viability of a Rubio candidacy based on an argument about the weather.

There is some irony to this notion that a magazine that can’t seem to figure out how to stop the tail spin that’s gripping its circulation can mock Rubio because he agrees with 97% of the world’s scientists on the subject of man-made climate change.

31,487 American scientists have signed this petition.

The Global Warming Petition Project

I have a lot of issues with a Rubio Presidential candidacy, not the least of them being my belief that he is not qualified to hold the office under Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution of The United States, but what the weather may be tomorrow, or a thousand tomorrows from now isn’t one of them.

Democrats however, seem to have an affinity for imagining themselves as Nostradamus. Take Al “The Goracle” Gore, who in 2008 predicted that “the entire North Polarized [sic] cap will disappear in 5 years.”

The North Pole is still there.

Still, climate change proponents hang on to the notion that they are right, and that based on (many) models, they will be proven someday in the future.

That’s actually a perfect example of  Nassim Nicholas Taleb‘s Ludic Fallacy.

  • It is impossible to be in possession of all the information.
  • Very small unknown variations in the data could have a huge impact. Taleb does differentiate his idea from that of mathematical notions in chaos theory, e.g. the butterfly effect.
  • Theories/models based on empirical data are flawed, as they cannot predict events that have never happened before, but have tremendous impact, e.g., the 911 terrorist attacks, the invention of the automobile, etc.

Time magazine, and climate change proponents in general, are like the alchemists of old. “Enlightened” and imaginative (even entertaining at times) they think that if they wave enough wands in the air and yell out enouh Abracadabras they will eventually come up with some way to turn junk science into golden truth.

It’s not happening.

But that’s OK for them, the things that could happen are always easier to debate than the things that are happening, or even the ones that have happened.

Like Benghazi.



And that’s the last wire for Monday, May 12th 2014.

What was news before this moment, is now history.

Good night.


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