“Communism Works” Says Ear Wax-Eating Democrat

Posted: May 22, 2014 in America in decline, communism in america, leftist idiocy

Last week, Rep. Joe Garcia D-FL) was caught on camera enjoying a snack during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on government surveillance programs.

The irony of that is beyond amazing.

He was picking his ear and eating the wax, unaware that he was on camera during a house judiciary committee on surveillance.

The more I say it, the funnier it gets.

This week Joe is having his foot for dessert.

Garcia has tried to brush off criticism for his comment by writing it off as a cheap shot at his GOP opponents on the subject of immigration reform, and by standing on his Cuban immigrant status.

“This is an absurdity, accusing the son of Cuban immigrants of believing in Communism is just ridiculous,”  Garcia told The Miami Herald in an interview this week.

Joe… sadly, there are more and more children and grandchildren of Cuban immigrants espousing Socialism and neocommunism in Miami every day. You’re a prime example.

What Garcia did was to inadvertently expose the Democrat’s dirty little secret… they believe that Communism works, if managed properly by the right people.

Communists and Democrats all believe that leftist ideology fails because of opposition to it, and never because it is a failed ideology to begin with.

So Cuba’s “Communism” failed because of US interference, and Soviet Communism failed for the very same reason.

It’s the same argument that is used by leftists in the US government: if you point out to a liberal that after spending $15 trillion dollars on the War on Poverty there are more Americans than ever living in poverty, they will argue that it’s only so because Republicans have obstructed access to sufficient funds to win the war.

The same goes for education and any other failed leftist program in the US.

On the flip side, if you try to make the point to a leftist that the Obama Stimulus failed, they make the unprovable argument that without it, the economy would have fared worse.

I have searched all over for the Latin name of that logical fallacy, and I can’t find it so I am hereby officially creating The Walter Mercado Logical Fallacy.

It goes like this:

We did “A”, and while the outcome is bad, without having done “A”, things would have been worse.

That’s an impossible point to argue because it basically turns the debate into a discussion of whose astrological reading of the future is correct.

The reality is that without the stimulus money being spent, things could have A) remained unchanged, B) gotten better, or C) gotten worse. We don’t know what would have happened if the stimulus monies hadn’t been spent, because the stimulus was set in place and a linear progression of events was set into motion stemming from a present where the stimulus monies were spent.

Walter Mercado may have just fainted.

Or rather, he may have swooned.  Walter Mercado doesn’t faint… he swoons.

Make no mistake about something. Garcia believes, like every true leftist believes, that Communism works in spite of the mountains of evidence to the contrary.

He just said as much.

So all we have to figure out now, is whether we believe what came out of Garcia’s mouth, or what Walter Mercado says will happen to you if you don’t read this column.


And that’s the last wire for Thursday, May 22nd 2014.

What was news before this moment, is now history.

Good night.


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