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This story keeps getting stranger by the hour.

(FOX News) A senior official confirms to Fox News that the conduct of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl — both in his final stretch of active duty in Afghanistan and then, too, during his time when he lived among the Taliban — has been thoroughly investigated by the U.S. intelligence community and is the subject of “a major classified file.”

In conveying as much, the Defense Department source confirmed to Fox News that many within the intelligence community harbor serious outstanding concerns not only that Bergdahl may have been a deserter but that he may have been an active collaborator with the enemy.

The Pentagon official added pointedly that no relevant congressional committee has sought access to the classified file, but that if such a request were made, key committee chairs would, under previous precedent, likely be granted access to it. Separately, the Pentagon confirmed Monday that it is looking into claims Americans died during the search for Bergdahl.

The administration announced over the weekend that Bergdahl’s release had been secured, in exchange for five Taliban prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. President Obama was joined by the soldier’s parents in making a public statement on the release Saturday evening from the Rose Garden.

“… no relevant congressional committee has sought access to the classified file.”

These guys KNOW that there is something very wrong here, and they are all but begging for anyone in Congress to ask them what that is.

Where is Congress?

These are the five Guantanamo detainees released in exchange for Bergdahl.

This is the price paid for Bergdahl.

Six soldiers died in the frantic search for Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal immediately after his mysterious disappearance five years ago, fueling the increasing backlash over the POW’s recovery.

Former platoon mates of the now-recovered serviceman accused Bergdhal of deserting his post and blamed him for the unnecessary deaths of comrades.

“I was pissed off then and I am even more so now with everything going on,” former Sgt. Matt Vierkant, a member of Bergdahl’s platoon, told CNN. “Bowe Bergdahl deserted during a time of war and his fellow Americans lost their lives searching for him.”

Accounts of Bergdahl’s disappearance on June 30, 2009, have varied wildly.

And now CNN is reporting that at least six soldiers were killed in subsequent searches for Bergdahl in rugged Paktika Province in the ensuing days and weeks.

The six men reportedly killed while searching for Bergdahl were identified as Staff Sgt. Clayton Bowen and Pfc. Morris Walker on Aug. 18, 2009; Staff Sgt. Kurt Curtiss on Aug. 26; 2nd Lt. Darryn Andrews and Pfc. Matthew Michael Martinek on Sept. 4; and Staff Sgt. Michael Murphrey on Sept. 5.

“He walked off,” said another comrade of Bergdahl’s, former Pfc. Jose Baggett.

Now, the story changes yet again with the intelligence report alluding to the possibility of Bergdahl being a Taliban collaborator.

Another administration official, whose duties are focused on counterterrorism, told Fox News when asked about the status of any investigations into Bergdahl’s initial disappearance and his conduct over the last five years: “Everybody’s looking at this. He’s not going to get a free pass” in the interrogations that Bergdahl will face during his repatriation process. “He’s going to have a lot of questions to answer — a lot. Is he a hero? No.”

Although this source had not seen the classified file described by the Pentagon source, the counterterrorism official agreed that given the high priority attached to the Bergdahl case over the last five years, the need for clarity about Bergdahl’s actions before and during his time with the Taliban “would have been a high priority for intelligence tasking.”

Asked if the process of repatriation would include questioning of Bergdahl geared towards determining whether he engaged in any forms of collaboration with the enemy, the counterterrorism official replied: “Of course. … It’s there. This is extremely untidy.”

This may not be so much a prisoner swap, this is a deserter wanting to come home and be with his family. “This is a very happy day for the Bergdahl family” said Chuck Hagel. I’m not sure what kind of a day the families of the men who died looking for this deserter feel today, but I don’t think “happy” applies.

Here’s what is disturbing, or rather one of the many disturbing things about this whole story. Bob Bergdahls speaking at one of the many press conference he’s attended these past two days. Please pay close attenuation starting at the 2:08 mark.

Here is Bob Bergdahls’s full final closing statement, no longer available in its entirety on YouTube:

“But most of all, I’m proud of how much you wanted to help the Afghan people, and what you were willing to do to go to that length. I’ll say it again: I’m so proud of how far you were willing to go to help the Afghan people. And I think you have succeeded.”

I don’t believe I am off the mark by suggesting that Bob Bergdahl’s words amount to an open admission that Bowe Bergdahl willingly deserted his post. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is what Bergdahl is saying here.

His son is a deserter, and quite possibly a traitor, and Obama’s deal wasn’t a swap, it was effectively a release of six terrorists who hate America.

Who in their right mind would believe that the Obama administration would do anything at all that would assist our soldiers?

It’s a bad deal, we lost six heroes, and released six terrorists.

It’s an Obama kind of a deal.

And that is the last wire for Monday, June 2, 2014.

Everything that was news before this moment, is now history.